Films from the Romanian Era

Films from the Romanian Era

We launched 5G in Romania with a film that inspired people to dream big for the future. With Vodafone’s technology, anything can happen.

We did an extreme test to show the power of Vodafone’s network.

Romanian rally pilot Titi Aur proved he can drive his car, with the windows completely covered. 

How did we do it? We placed screens inside his car, that transmitted live the entire race. 

Probably the most watched TV commercials in Romania.

Using humour and the chemistry between Bro, the Romanian comedian and Antonia, a very popular and loved artist, we promoted Vodafone’s offers. 

Ask anyone around about Bro and Antonia. A lot of them might hate them, but there’s nobody who doesn’t know them.

In this ad, we needed to promote the new Vodafone’s app where you play and win different prize. So we inspired people to turn their whole life into a game: from their relationships to how they keep in shape, or even their jobs.

We imagined Vodafone’s app where people could win prizes as an exciting universe, similar to Alice in Wonderland, where a lot of stuff happened. The cards from the game that people were using to play became real characters. And this was just the beginning of a lot of fun stories that soon were turned into a series of films. 


We worked with number 1 tennis player in the world and constant winner Simona Halep to raise donations and help premature babies win the biggest fight for their lives.

Romania was once known for the best sports players in the Olympics. But now, kids become more and more tied to their tablets when they are at home and less and less of them are into sports. So we wanted to inspire them to be more active, while playing.  

With Dedeman, the biggest DIY retailer in Romania, we encouraged and supported them to start training at home, so they can become the next generation of Olympics. 

The bathtub became their first Olympic pool. The house their first handball gate. And the bed their first springboard.

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