Hi. I am Adina. Creative, Creative Director, lover of yoga, cinema, Paris, and all the usual clichés.

My goals are simple:

1. Doing old things in a new way.
2. Finding a good story that will steal hearts and make the headlines.
3. Finding that great idea in any brief that makes you go: “Hah”

IMG_8980 2

I have double personality syndrome.

I am a sucker for clichés.

The classics: old movies, old music, long conversations, Whiskey Sour, deep meanings
and rainy weather.

And the latest cliché: I currently live in Paris.

I am a seeker of not so classic experiences.

Acted in a movie that’s now streaming on Netflix.

Started my own business at 20 that fell apart when I was still 20
(a betting house because I always believed in luck).

Was part of a music band in high school.

Was co-host of a radio show when I was 12.

I used to organize the best theme parties that Targu-Jiu city has ever seen
(the place where Brancusi and myself were born).

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